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benefits of keeping pets for the elderly

Five benefits of keeping pets for the elderly

We all know the benefits of a pet. Dogs and cats have long been good companions for lonely people. Taking care of them has many benefits for everyone, which I will mention in this article. Seniors over 65 should exercise at least 30 minutes a day and 2.5 hours a week. Retirees who own pets […]

Is social communication effective for the elderly's health?

Is social communication effective for the elderly’s health?

The distinctive feature of humans is their social relationships. Humans benefit from socialization by establishing relationships with members of tribes and communities. However, an active social life today still has many benefits. The worldwide pandemic has forced social distancing, with many people distancing themselves from regular social activities. Parents have always tried to ensure that […]

communicating with the elderly

Seven common mistakes when communicating with the elderly

Sharing with seniors may seem like a simple task, but somehow many of us fail to communicate effectively with our parents and grandparents. Why? Due to several common mistakes. We generally have trouble connecting with them because we don’t care enough to change the message in an age-friendly way. These are the most common mistakes […]