Cavendish Manor Retirement Residence

social communication of the elderly

Is the social communication of the elderly effective on their health?

The distinctive feature of humans is their social relationships. Humans benefit from socialization by establishing relationships with members of tribes and communities. However, an active social life today still has many benefits. The worldwide pandemic has forced social distancing, with many people distancing themselves from regular social activities. Parents have always tried to ensure that […]

How to be ready for retirement?

Many people experience unpleasant feelings during retirement; instead of enjoying their free time, they experience mild depression. The beginning of retirement is a sensitive period for many people, and it becomes difficult to cope with new conditions. Retirement is a primary philosophy in every working person’s life because they will reach it whether they like […]

How to be happy in old age? Ways to keep the elderly happy

The elderly, like all other people, need happiness and hope—sometimes, some cultural considerations and perhaps neglect cause the senior to become isolated. Depression is the biggest problem in old age. That brings with it many physical and mental diseases. Happiness is the secret of health in old age, which is possible in simple ways. You […]

How do retirement communities promote healthy aging?

Many factors contribute to healthy aging, including staying physically, mentally, and socially active and eating nutritiously. Retirement communities support healthy aging by providing opportunities for residents to socialize with peers, participate in mentally stimulating activities, and engage in physical activities that build or maintain endurance, strength, flexibility, and balance. Participation in the arts and volunteer […]