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Nursing the unmalleable elderly

Nursing the stubborn elderly

Old age is an integral part of every human’s life, and it comes to everyone. One of the concerns of families is caring for the elderly. In some cases, when taking care of and nursing from the retiree, you face objections and stubbornness, which has its solutions. In the following article, while examining the causes of the determination of the elderly, I will deal with solutions to this stubbornness. I want you to know how living in a reputable nursing home like Cavendish Manor Retirement Residence is helpful for nursing a stubborn senior.

Old and stubborn

Naturally, some seniors may be hot-tempered and stubborn in some cases. I can say that it is the result of the actions of the people around them and the situation in which they are placed. In such cases, the elderly’s patient nurse is of particular importance. In addition, I must mention that the aged cared for in the approved nursing home have a better spirit and are less prone to stubbornness and other mental problems such as depression.

The reason why caring for the elderly in a nursing home is better for them can be found in the following:

The first important point is that the elderly connect with the environment and feel safer.

Nursing a stubborn senior in a suitable nursing home like Cavendish Manor Retirement Residence, in addition to security and peace, provides him with conditions that can positively affect his spirit. But in some cases, we see the elderly become angry and stubborn despite staying in a nursing home, which I will explain in the following.

Causes of stubbornness in the elderly

Stubborn behaviour in the retiree can have various causes. As I said, maybe the reason is the elderly’s reaction to others. But in general, I can consider factors for this situation. These factors include:

  • Lack of independence 

The elderly feel that he has lost their independence and has no choice as he grows old in the world of retirement.

  • Losing control of your life

The elderly are afraid that he has no control over their lives in this period of life and that others are the primary decision maker and owners of their authority.

  • Rejection by the family

The elderly may feel that family members reject them and that no one values ​​them.

  • Death of spouse, family or friends

Caring for a stubborn elderly can be made more difficult by the death of those around them. In these cases, the aged may also suffer from depression and stubbornness. Through stubbornness, he decides to show his discomfort and annoyance.

  • Fear and apprehension of death

Some elderly fear death for no reason, just because of their old age and how they think and look around. It causes his perspective on the environment and people to be different and provides the basis for stubbornness.

  • Being upset about something in nursing a stubborn elderly

One of the reasons that cause stubbornness in an elderly is that something has upset him. It has caused him to be persistent in confrontation. This issue may be the encounter of one of the family members or being informed about the matter related to himself or family members.

  • Dementia

Another reason that causes stubbornness in the elderly is the problem of dementia or forgetfulness. In this case, due to mental issues, they may show actions and movements or interactions that are a sign of their stubbornness. Not that it is intentional. This type of treatment is due to his lack of awareness and mental recognition of the environment and people around him.

Ways of nursing the stubborn elderly

Now that you are familiar with the characteristics and some reasons for the stubbornness of the elderly, it is better to explain the solutions to this problem. To solve the problem of the intransigence of the elderly, you can observe these tips:

  1. Listening to the retiree

In the first stage, it is better for a nurse of senior to listen carefully to his words and not say anything until his words are finished. Listening patiently to the terms of the elderly and even giving advice is very effective in his spirit. As soon as he knows that there is someone who listens to him and cares about him, he will stop being stubborn.

         2. Lack of long explanations in nursing the stubborn elderly

As a nurse and caregiver of the aged, keep in mind that your lengthy explanation of an issue may make them think that you consider them weak. Another point is that they may have dementia with sudden forgetfulness, and your motivation does not affect their behaviour. For example, if the nurse decides to change the sheets or clothes of the elderly, it is better to avoid additional explanations and gently ask him to cooperate with them in this task. Also, avoid rushing to do separate work.

        3. Asking the opinion of the elderly

In many cases, instead of asking the elderly to do something for sure, you will ask him in a comment what suggestions and opinions he has to solve this problem or to do the work better. Asking them for their opinion and doing what they asked for by respecting the side issues will make the elderly be encouraged to do the job and stop being stubborn.

The effect of the stubbornness of someone around on the behaviour of the elderly

One of the essential points in dealing with them is the stubbornness of the people around them, especially children, with the elderly. Nursing a stubborn elderly can be problematic in the presence of people. In this case, if one of the children is stubborn with him about an issue, he gives himself the right to retaliate against the elderly, even if it is to his detriment.

The loneliness of the elderly

In many cases, the retiree wants to feel you more by their side and spend more time with them. For this reason, try to spend more hours with the elderly. Talk to him. Ask them to share their experiences and memories with you and ask for their advice. Considering his mentality and the fact that you care about his words and actions when you ask him to do something, he will do it quickly and will not be stubborn.

The last word

In nursing a stubborn elderly, the best thing is to be patient with his behaviour, even his stubbornness, and find simple solutions. Especially listening to the words of the elderly can help the nurse.