Cavendish Manor

#1 Retirement Residence in Niagara Falls

How does Cavendish Manor compare with other active senior living homes in Niagara Falls?

senior living homes in Niagara Falls

How does Cavendish Manor compare with other active senior living homes in Niagara Falls? Nursing homes serve retirees and their families throughout Niagara Falls, from St. Catherine to Fort Iris. Everyone with different needs can find a center tailored to their needs in the Niagara Falls area. This area offers all the care options.

Long-term care

In long-term care, some safety measures, medical care, and cognitive therapy are provided by 24/7 professionals. The elderly with serious illnesses such as Alzheimer’s, diabetes, and Parkinson’s can enjoy a safe and friendly environment and the constant care of these centers and spend their retirement in peace.

Specialized options for retirement

There are various accommodation options in and around the beautiful Niagara Falls area. Aged people who can live independently, but want to enjoy a beautiful space and unique facilities, can use the houses near Fort Erie.

Niagara Falls area

Many active seniors can attend many social cycling and hiking events in the Niagara Falls Green Belt area and enjoy being with friends. There are shopping malls and basic facilities in the area that are close to where retirees live and provide a comfortable life for them.

Those who come from other cities to live here can use intercity buses to travel. This type of transportation is available all year round and throughout the week at Niagara, Holland, Fort Erie, St. Catherine, and Port Colborne stations. The buses in this transportation system are fully equipped and designed for the elderly, so even the ticket is cheaper. The special seats for older adults and air conditioning system are other features of these buses.

Of course, most nursing homes in the area have private buses, and the aged use them for sightseeing. There are also free and confidential car parks for people who drive their cars.

About Cavendish Manor Retirement Residence

Cavendish Manor is a 68-suite residential manor in which a friendly community of seniors lives in harmony and is located a few steps from the magnificent Niagara Falls. This center is one of the top 3 centers in this region and has occupied the first rank of the best nursing home in some cases.

Cavendish Manor is an honorary member of ORCA that meets the needs of the elderly in and around Niagara Falls. The center has a two-floor building with a beautiful brick facade, windows, and a large area, with an indoor pavilion and beautiful ponds for leisure. Near Cavendish Manor, a city bus station and several shopping malls provide a comfortable space for the lovely aged to live.

The interior design of the suites is beautiful and is waiting for you to stay in it. Another valuable service of Cavendish Manor is that before staying in these suites, you can ask interior designers and decorators to help turn your new home into a space where you smile when you enter.

Cavendish Manor provides an environment that creates excitement, spirit, life, and passion for the residents. At Cavendish Manor, you will live in an atmosphere of support, kindness, and community friendliness. This nursing home offers activities enhancing physical, mental, and spiritual health. All its employees are committed to your health. You can visit this center and be a guest of this nursing home for lunch.

Comparison of Cavendish Manor with other nursing homes in Niagara Falls

Choosing the right nursing home for you requires research and inquiry. In the first selection step, you should know the answer to the following four questions:

1- What do you need?

2- What kind of care do you want?

3- What kind of place do you like?

4- How much can you spend?

Cavendish Manor Retirement Residence offers two types of independent and assisted living services. The independent lifestyle provides services such as a private dining hall with three meals a day, daily cleaning, house cleaning, management, and personal hygiene assistance. Each of these two lifestyles has its usefulness.

A few centers offer both independent and assisted living, such as Cavendish Manor Retirement Residence. Cavendish Manor does its best to take care of every elderly with respect. In assisted living, in addition to independent living services, we will also provide ancillary services such as care for certain diseases, clothing changes, and transportation.

Among Niagara Falls nursing homes, Cavendish Manor is an act-class center. It is closest to Niagara Falls and one kilometre from the shopping malls. It is very cost-effective compared to GTA communities.

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