Cavendish Manor Retirement Residence

Frequently asked questions about retirement residence

Frequently asked questions about retirement residence

When choosing a nursing home, you should pay attention to important points. But your mind may be busy with many things, and you may need help to focus on checking the necessary and appropriate criteria for the retirement residence. Or you may need more experience to choose a traditional nursing home. In this article, I will help you to ask yourself and the center manager questions for selecting a proper retirement residence. If you give a clear answer to each question, you can be sure that you have found a standard and suitable nursing home.

• What are nursing home services?

• How can I contact the center?

• How much does it cost to stay in this center?

• What are the recreational programs of the center?

• Are there any meeting limits?

• What levels of care do they provide?

• How many meals do they serve the residents?

• What kind of housekeeping services do they have?

• Do they accept older people with particular diseases?

• Do they offer independent living services?

Important questions after choosing a retirement residence

Even after you have moved your dear parents to the senior center, you should always check the center and its services to ensure the safety and health of your dear retired one. But this survey is not very easy, and you have to ask the residents specific questions to get complete information about their health and how they live in the nursing home. In the following, I will state these questions:

• Who cares for you?

It is the most crucial issue when choosing a nurse for our loved ones; who will care for them with love?

Ask your parents which doctors and nurses at the nursing home care for them daily. Which nurse is the mother’s favourite, and which nurse is the father unhappy with? The Elderly usually do not complain about abuses due to the fear of worsening the situation, so you have to find out about their problems in the retirement residence.

• What did you eat for breakfast today?

The power of taste decreases with age, and the combination of this issue with the causes of impairment in the power of taste and smell complicates cooking for the elderly. Medicines affect appetite, dental problems make eating difficult, and these limit the diet of the elderly. When eating is not palatable, it is natural to avoid it, and it can lead to indigestion and other physical problems. If you feel a change in the physical condition of your lovely parents, go to the nursing home at mealtime and bring them snacks and hearty foods as long as there is no problem. Retiree usually loses their independence. Nursing homes also don’t always serve food, so provide snacks for your parents when they’re hungry.

Of course, one of the features of Cavendish Manor Retirement Residence is providing nutritious and delicious snacks several times a day.

• What medications do you take, or how do medications make you feel?

This question has two answers. The first question shows whether retirement residence nurses behaved adequately and shared with the elderly in their care process or not. The second is looking for mistakes in the way of taking medicines. Many of the injuries caused to the elderly are not intentional but are often caused by the lack of coordination of nurses or their carelessness. This issue is more evident in the field of drug use.

The elderly often receive multiple medications that may have numerous side effects. You have to watch out for complications. For example, does your father feel sleepy? Is the mother moaning in pain? If you have enough information, check your parent’s medication plan, and consider changing the dosage or type of medications.

• Where was the gift I bought?

When a person is in a nursing home, their finances lose their importance, but their assets do not. Investigate what the seniors brought with them to the nursing home. Take photos of valuable possessions and tag everything. Check the asset when you visit them at the retirement residence. Watch for phrases like “someone took my glasses to clean them.” Eyeglass frames may even be changed, or jewelry may be replaced with fake jewelry.

If something is missing, inform the nursing home’s relevant official or the police. Sometimes, the nursing home or insurance will pay for the damage.

• The weather was nice yesterday; did you go out?

If when you came to research the nursing home you were advertised about its green space and beautiful gardens, now is the time to see how well they keep their promises.

Check how often the parents go out for a walk. A beautiful garden from the window does not hurt anyone and does not lead to vitamin D intake.

When you are sure of the elderly going out, talk about exercise and sports. Do they only use wheelchairs and beds, or are there special exercises in the nursing home?

In the nursing home, there is a big difference between the elderly who exercise and those who are inactive. For the aged to stay healthy, it is vital to exercise daily, even if they are unhappy. Also, activities with pets help them to overcome their loneliness. Pets help them take the focus off themselves and think about socializing and physical contact.

• Do you have friends?

Adults don’t usually ask questions they fear the answer to. Children feel guilty for not being able to take care of their parents and always try to avoid thinking about it. Such a belief prevents the improvement of the elderly’s life quality.

Finding a friend in a nursing home is likely. If your parents do not have friends, this is a sign of depression or lack of participation in group activities. Most centers, like Cavendish Manor Retirement Residence, have a nurse responsible for building social relationships through feasting and games.

If your parents are alone, look for solutions. Recreate their favourite activities and help keep their lives dynamic.

• How often does the nurse visit you, or do you wait a long time to ask for help?

The best way to answer this question is to press the help button. This issue is crucial for the elderly with special conditions. How many minutes does the nurse visit the elderly? What do they do to prevent bedsores? Has dear pensioner ever wet himself due to delayed service? Does he have to ask multiple times to shower?

The retirees may be unable to say anything about hygiene and comfort, so you should ask them. Did you know that bedsores and pressure sores are more dangerous than you think?

• Where did this wound come from?

His body is bruised, and his hand seems drier. You need to clarify the issue before it causes a bigger problem.

Most people don’t talk about their little pains, so you have to ask a little more to get the answer. When did they notice the problem? 

How was it before? How often does it repeat?

If the father has fallen out of bed and this has been repeated several times, the problem should be investigated by the retirement residence authorities. The problem can be from the inner ear, disease or side effects of a medicine. You won’t know until you ask, and don’t forget that the only person who cares about these things is you.

• Where is the phone you are calling?

Another thing you usually don’t consider in a nursing home is privacy. Next to independence, this is another critical issue that the elderly will face. This issue also makes it difficult for them to make phone calls. Make sure your loved ones have access to a phone with good privacy. The senior also need hours of solitude and silence, but balancing care and privacy is difficult. Ask about this and change the conditions if there is a problem. Technology companies are looking to design mobile phones for the elderly. These phones have special features such as a large screen and keyboard, a simple menu, a hearing aid and an emergency call button. Of course, please do not underestimate the ability of the aged; nowadays, most are also familiar with e-mail and the Internet.

Of course, your presence in the nursing home and questions and answers about the nurses are significant. It was the easy part of the story. The more complicated part may be asking for more visits or a transfer home, which is sometimes impossible. Don’t worry; you have done everything you could.

Cavendish Manor Retirement Residence has provided an environment where its residents feel they are in their home and have enough care and kindness, knowing what is needed to create a quality life for the elderly.