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In old age, a person will usually lose many of his capabilities, such as the ability to do daily tasks, so one of the major problems of this time and this age group is the cost of caring for the elderly. At this age, people are very respectable consumers from an economic point of view.

On the other hand, many children cannot host their lovely old parents at home for many reasons, so there is an urgent need to be cared for in a nursing home.

The price of keeping seniors in a retirement residence is one of the crucial challenges for the family. The cost of living in Toronto is very high. As a result, the cost of keeping the aged in a nursing home with exceptional facilities and care should be very high. But Cavendish Manor Retirement Residence has acted in such a way to moderate the price of the nursing home with the best possible facilities in Niagara Falls.

Cavendish Manor Retirement Residence’s Fee as one of the best nursing homes in Niagara Falls

The best possible situation for an elderly is to stay in his home. Still, undoubtedly this is not always possible for many reasons, and we should take the limitations and unique needs of the retiree into account. For this reason, a low-cost nursing home will be a suitable offer for older adults.

Our colleagues at Cavendish Manor nursing home not only think about providing the best for your parents and the elderly but also care about your economic conditions. The policy of this nursing home is based on providing the best services at the lowest prices.

Why should we still provide the best services to the elderly despite the cost of the nursing home?

The seniors have gifted the best years of their life and youth to us, the next generation, and sooner or later, we will be added to this group.

All kinds of diseases and extraordinary mental subtleties have caused the spirit of the elderly to become delicate and sensitive, making it more challenging to care for them emotionally. But this issue will also increase the cost of caring for the elderly from an economic point of view.

Treatment of physical and mental diseases is costly. Therefore there is no other option but to raise the cost of nursing home services. But Cavendish Manor Retirement Residence has tried to reduce costs as much as possible and provide complete assistance to the elderly with diseases.

Things that affect the cost of the nursing home are:


The high cost of the nursing home should not be a factor that reduces food quality. The quality and type of food and drink are essential in this period of life. The diet should be such that it not only does not cause disease but is the reason for improving them. The feeding conditions in Cavendish Manor are as follows:

• Using the best raw materials and fresh meat

• Nutrition with the direct opinion of doctors and nutrition experts

• Diet based on the physical characteristics and health of the elderly

• Proper food in 3 main meals as well as offering healthy and delicious snacks

• Nutrition based on treatment and increasing food supplements

• Nutrition based on mental and physical health

• Feeding based on fun instead of compulsion

• Eating in a suitable and soulful place with the best dishes to increase the pleasure of it

2-Private rooms with the best design

The design of Cavendish Manor rooms is stunning and full of light, and there are standard facilities in it. The colour of the walls and the layout of the rooms are very relaxing and can be a place for you to relax. The rooms consist of bathrooms and proper furniture and meet all your needs of a home. However, the price of these rooms is not high.

3-Standard design of the hall and public space

In the interior design of Cavendish Manor, standard architectural principles have been used following the needs of the elderly. This space is very comfortable and suitable for dear seniors to maintain social relations with others and their families.

4-Medical care and physiotherapy for the elderly

Various medical and physiotherapy services are provided in Cavendish Manor Retirement Residence, but this has not caused the cost of living in this center to increase. The use of sound management principles can provide the best medical facilities to dear seniors at the lowest price.

5-Recreational services and social activities

A wide variety of social activities are provided in this nursing home. Some of these activities are performed inside the center and some outside it. However, the provision of these entertainments has not increased the cost of nursing homes. You, dear ones, can benefit from the best social activities at the lowest possible price.

Cavendish Manor Retirement Residence at a reasonable price

Suppose you are planning to spend the golden age of your life with the best quality and want a perfect nursing home offering complete amenities at an affordable price. In that case, our best suggestion is Cavendish Manor Nursing Home in Niagara Falls.

We are committed to providing you with an enjoyable retirement and keeping you in perfect physical and mental health.