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Eyesight health of the elderly

Eyesight health of the elderly

According to the opinion of ophthalmologists, after age 50, the possibility of eyesight problems in the elderly will be higher. If they are overlooked and treated in time, they will cause irreparable problems for the senior’s eye. After reaching 50, periodic eye examinations are of great importance. It is because eye diseases appear with mild symptoms, which appear gradually. In case of timely diagnosis and treatment, severe complications in the eyesight of the elderly will be prevented. The most common eye problems are presbyopia, cataracts, and problems caused by diabetes.

Types of eyesight problems in the elderly

Dry eyes in seniors

This eye disease is considered one of the most common problems of the aged and causes eyesight problems. Dry eye occurs due to a decrease in the moisture of the eye surface, and the common symptoms of this disease are itching and burning and visible inflammation of the eye. In advanced cases, sores appear on the eye’s surface, which will be very annoying.

Eye tears are a mixture of fat, water, and protein that moistens the eye surface, protects it against infection and foreign substances and keeps it clean.

In most cases, the leading cause of dry eyes is the lack of secretion of sufficient fat on the surface of the eyes, and in such cases, outward signs such as redness or inflammation are not seen, and the person feels discomfort in the eye area. In some cases, due to the lack of moisture and fluid secretion from the aqueous layer, the eye’s surface becomes dry. If dry eye is not treated, the lack of humidity causes infection on the eye surface, and the cornea is damaged.


Cataracts are another reason for eyesight loss in people over 40. This disease initially appears as blurred eyesight; if not treated, the person’s vision will be lost entirely. The clouding of the eye lens is called a cataract.

Cataracts may occur due to high blood pressure, diabetes, harmful solar radiation, obesity, eye damage due to trauma, taking certain medications, family history, and other medical reasons. Also, one of the most common causes of cataracts is old age.


With increasing age and loss of lens elasticity, a person has difficulty seeing near objects. This condition is called presbyopia. When you focus on seeing an object near the eye, the eye’s lens becomes stretched and thinner than usual so that the image is clearly reflected on the retina. With age, the lens loses this property, and presbyopia occurs.

Arcus senilis

 This change occurs outside the iris and usually does not cause a problem in older people. Still, if this condition occurs in a young person, it could be severe because it can signify another disease.


This condition may damage the optic nerve and is usually painless. Due to reasons that have not yet been determined, the drainage of the aqueous humour is disturbed, and the liquid collects in the front part of the eye, so the pressure inside the eye increases and damages the optic nerve. By controlling this pressure and reducing it, we can prevent this damage.

Degeneration of the yellow spot of the retina

The yellow spot is located in the center of the retina. The image is focused on the yellow area when looking at something up close. With the deterioration of this yellow spot, the eyesight suddenly decreases, and the person has problems doing daily tasks, studying, driving, and other such charges. This problem is more common with age.

Diabetic retinopathy

This disease is one of the most crucial eye diseases; unfortunately, people are not paying attention to its symptoms. This eye complication caused by diabetes can make a person blind.

Prevention of eyesight problems in the elderly and reduction of symptoms

To prevent eyesight problems, wear sunglasses or a hat on sunny days. Do not forget to use vitamins, vegetables, fruits, and antioxidants in your diet.

Another critical point is regular eye examination. If eyesight problems are detected early, they can be controlled and treated, and we can prevent irreversible complications. Please do not ignore any symptoms such as burning and chronic itching of the eyes, and discuss them with your doctor so that the necessary examinations can be done.

The people who take care of the seniors should pay attention to the behavioural changes of the elderly and monitor any problems in their eyesight during their daily tasks. So, before an acute problem occurs, we should take them to an eye specialist for an examination.

The elderly who are under care in the nursing home are examined daily and regularly, and if there is any eyesight problem, the necessary examinations are performed.

For example, to care for the retirements in the Cavendish Manor Retirement Residence, specialists perform the necessary medical examinations regularly, and the possibility of conducting any tests needed for them is available in this center.

Care of the seniors in the Cavendish Manor nursing home is done in the best way with advanced physiotherapy and rehabilitation services, specialized nursing and occupational therapy services, and psychological therapy. This nursing home, with expert nurses and comfort facilities, provides the best conditions for the elderly so that both have peace of mind.

Cavendish Manor Retirement Residence has provided a green space for recreation and sports for the aged in a quiet area so that the dear elderly can experience good and happy days in this center.

Elderly eyesight care

The eye is an important and sensitive organ that plays a significant role in a person’s quality of life. As people get older, they gradually experience eyesight problems and weakness. In the case of the elderly, these problems are more common and should be considered and not considered natural signs of old age.

Among the dangers that may occur to the senior are eye injuries. It is possible for the elderly who have problems maintaining balance and physical weakness to suffer a head injury while performing daily tasks.

Nursing homes and caregivers must provide a living environment for the retirees to relax to prevent any physical accident, including falling and hitting the head and eyes.

Remember that nutrition for the aged, enough rest and sleep, high mobility and spirit, regular medical examinations, and a calm and safe environment are essential so the elderly can enjoy their old age without discomfort or suffering