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medication administration

Aging is not a disease but a stage of life in that every person can become a social asset with a lot of experience. Therefore, to take care of these social capitals scientifically and to prevent the occurrence and severity of symptoms and complications due to old age, we should pay attention to essential points. The retirement population and their social, welfare, and care needs are increasing daily. Special care is one of the needs which we must do correctly. With years of experience in this field, the Cavendish Manor Retirement Residence aims to improve the quality of lifestyle of these loved ones by providing care services in a familiar environment 24/7 intermittently while reducing the worries of families.

Medication cares

To keep the health of the elderly, We should do Medical care well. , This nurse’s duty includes physical and mental care. Also, in many cases, the senior must take medicines to treat some diseases and maintain health. He should manage medicines’ time and dosage. The elderly may need special care in acute conditions, which the caregiver also controls. In these cases, the nurse’s experience, expertise, and skill will be significant and vital.

This care should be done under the supervision of the elderly’s physician or doctor, and the nurse can take care of him according to their instructions.

Ability to move

Mobility is significant for the retired. Even if the senior nurse places all the equipment needed by the elderly near him, he should be able to move his body. Therefore, the nurse should help him to move. He can also use assistive devices such as wheelchairs and crutches.

It is very effective to use standard equipment here; otherwise, the senior will suffer irreparable consequences. So, before buying such equipment, get the necessary information about their standard.

Senior’s movement

A transfer is not just about lifting an older person from one place to another. Moving is very important for the aged. He needs to go out and maintain their social relationships. He needs to be in contact with others; therefore, helping to move and taking him out for a walk is one of the critical nurse’s tasks.

Personal matters

Sometimes the elderly need the help of a nurse in doing personal affairs. For example, he may need help bathing, changing clothes, and eating. We can say that at this age, we must do all personal matters with the help of a nurse.

Sometimes accepting this help is not easy for seniors; therefore, they should be mentally prepared. 

Arthritis is one of the common diseases in the retired. The presence of a nurse is instrumental and necessary to help the elderly with mobility, proper diet, and the correct use of medicines to control the disease.

Another common disease in the aged is Alzheimer’s or dementia, which increases with age. Since there is a possibility of leaving the room untimely, forgetting the contact number of the children, and not taking medicines on time for these loved ones, the presence of a nurse is necessary 24/7. 

The third most common disease is osteoporosis. Being accompanied by a caregiver, proper nutrition, doing exercises prescribed by a doctor or physiotherapist, and taking medicines on time are among the requirements of these seniors. Hiring a nurse or a caregiver is one of the essential services needed by this society.