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Aging Psychology and Cavendish Services

Aging Psychology

Do you know what the psychology of the elderly is? Are you familiar with Cavendish Manor Retirement Residence services? Join us to find the answers to these questions.

Old age

Old age is one of the most glorious stages of human life, which has long been referred to as the age of wisdom. Fortunately, with the advancement of medical science today, life expectancy has increased, and more people have the opportunity to experience this stage. Scientists predict that by 2050, more than two billion people on Earth will be over 60 years old.

The needs of the elderly today are defined in terms of societies’ industrialization and families’ nucleation. In other words, one in five people is elderly. But old age, along with all the valuable privileges and experiences, like any different stage of life, has its challenges and crises. The retirements have special needs in various subjects such as social welfare, income, employment and education, medicine, care, nutrition, and physical activity. In this regard, one of the most critical issues is housing the aged and how to interact effectively with the social communities. Efforts to overcome the crisis of loss of social role among older adults in the community have become critical, and efforts are being made to provide ways for them to achieve a better life. Take old age seriously.

Cavendish Manor Retirement Residence Psychological Services

Proper planning and providing scientific solutions to address the psychological issues of the elderly will enable them to adapt to new maps that are appropriate to their physical and mental condition and pass this course with satisfaction, create new meaning in life and provide a valuable source of information and experience for the next generation of young people. In this regard, Cavendish Manor Retirement Residence has set its biggest goal to optimize the lives of the elderly. While respecting the high dignity of the older adults and maintaining the independence of these loved ones, it provides the highest quality care treatment and rehabilitation programs for them.

A significant part of Cavendish Nursing Home services is to increase motivation and happiness. In addition to creating a sense of vitality, it also prevents disorders such as depression, anxiety, and loss of meaning in life, which are the most common complications of this age. This center offers cognitive rehabilitation to improve mental functions and prevent disorders such as dementia, Alzheimer’s, and other cognitive problems.

Psychological needs of the elderly during old age in terms of Cavendish Manor Retirement Residence

Elderly psychology is defined in the following categories:

  •  Emotional needs
  •  Fun and entertainment needs
  •  Attending social communities
  •  Security and tranquillity needs
  •  Cognitive rehabilitation needs
Emotional needs and Cavendish Manor services

Emotional needs are an integral part of every person’s life. A passionate relationship is not limited to a romantic relationship specific to youth. Any relationship in which there is a significant share of excitement and emotion is called an emotional relationship in the psychological literature. Contrary to popular belief, emotional need becomes more complex with age. In the past, due to the expansion of family and community life, the elderly not only played a more influential role in social settings but also received more approval from those around them.

But today, most seniors live alone at home. No matter how good their lives are, they need the emotional attention of others and the actions of society. This nursing home’s efforts aim to establish the proper emotional connection between the aged and the staff and for these loved ones to find themselves in wider families. Where they can easily express their love and affection and receive the proper response and reassurance through their supportive atmosphere, these are important and valuable to each individual in the collection. Elderly psychology is one of the most critical issues which we should consider.

The fun and entertainment needs

The elderly, due to their age, need a productive, healthy, and helpful pastime according to their physical condition. We should not ignore the needs of the aged, and we should fully provide the services of the nursing home. At Cavendish Nursing Home, depending on their mental capacity and mood, there is a wide range of entertainments such as reading newspapers and books, exploring the green space, morning exercise programs with happy music, socializing and talking with friends, watching movies with positive and motivational content, having fun group games, arranging happy celebrations, and birthday parties.

Need to attend social communities

Depression is more common among the elderly who live alone. They are more likely to suffer from physical ailments. Industrial life today is such that some of these loved ones do not have contact with their children more than once a month. All their relationships and conversations are summed up in a few minutes of conversation with, for example, the shopkeeper, the neighbour, and others. Therefore, it is necessary to provide a better environment for their lives to reduce depression caused by loneliness. We should consider their needs.

On the other hand, the elderly who are involved in social activities and have relatively good social relationships are less likely to suffer from various physical and mental illnesses. The aged suffer from feelings of idleness and unemployment and being excluded from social life. To alleviate these feelings, the Cavendish Manor Retirement Residence has planned social activities for its residents. For example, the elderly go on group trips if they wish. They are consulted and regularly attend weekly dialogue sessions on various topics. Group reminiscence sessions convey the feeling that their experiences are essential and valuable to many people.

Need for security and comfort 

The old need mental, physical, and social security. This issue has been given special attention in the design of spaces related to nursing homes so that we can assure the elderly that staff will rush to their aid in an emergency or quick access in case of illness. We will maintain respect for the personal space of these loved ones in an atmosphere that is calm and, at the same time, comprehensive care. 

Take care of our elderly and create a happy old age for them.