Cavendish Manor

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What are some of the long-term care services seniors can expect in Cavendish Manor Retirement Residence?

long-term care services seniors can expect

In many cases, it has been observed that the physical condition of the elderly is such that they do not have the requirements to be kept at home. Therefore, by placing the person in a nursing home and benefiting from the 24-hour medical and nursing services, we can help the retirement to improve and rehabilitate as much as possible.

Everything you need to know about Cavendish Manor Nursing Home

Today, people do not know much about caring for the elderly, who are in a critical period and require special care. Lack of information about how to maintain and provide the necessary services can add to the problems of the old aged. One possible solution is to transfer the elderly to the Cavendish Manor Retirement Residence.

Introducing Cavendish Manor Retirement Residence

One of the most important reasons for establishing Cavendish Manor is to improve the level of health and the quality of the lovely old parents’ life. This center provides all the necessary facilities for an ideal life for the elderly and their families. The presence of medical and rehabilitation facilities in this sanatorium offers the basis for improving the physical condition of the aged and makes them return to their home environment sooner.

All kinds of services in Cavendish Manor Retirement Residence

This nursing home is equipped with a variety of facilities for the well-being of the elderly, and with its professional and trained staff and regular care, 24/7 is a carefree place for lovely ones. Nursing home services include the possibility of permanent and temporary residence, proper nutrition, various types of nursing, medical, rehabilitation, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, welfare, and recreation, which are fully explained:

Maintenance, rehabilitation, and treatment services

After accommodation and room allocation, the elderly enjoy the center’s amenities, including breakfast, lunch, dinner, and triple snacks, along with the use of rehabilitation facilities. These include physiotherapy and occupational therapy from the institution’s entertainment programs. We will do the various services such as laboratory samples and ECG, serum therapy, NG, Catheterization, antibiotic therapy, oxygen therapy, treatment regimen, and bed sore healing using modern methods in this center. The active presence of medical staff, experienced nursing experts, experienced caregivers, psychologists and assistants, and nutritionists in performing medical services play a vital role in the recovery of the aged residents.


Physiotherapists use modern equipment such as comb wheel devices, infrared lamp chairs, laser devices, and other necessities inside the clinic or on the bed of the elderly daily to rehabilitate and physiotherapy them.

Recreation and tourism

There are two types of social activities planned in Cavendish Manor Retirement Residence. These activities will be held inside and outside. The inside activities include playing music, playing group games, painting, and crafts, storytelling, having big celebrations on various occasions and watching movies and theatre, holding birthday parties, and inviting music groups with live performances in the presence of families. The outside activities are visiting recreational and historical sites and participating in cultural and artistic events, according to clients’ physical strength, providing happy times for the lovely aged parents.

Retirements exercises

One of the daily programs in this center is morning exercises in the halls and on the bed for the elderly (sedentary ones) or in the open area. These exercises are appropriate and include running in the yard individually or in groups, walking using equipment such as a parallel bar for sedentary elderly with the help of caregivers under supervision, physiotherapists, and occupational therapists, which raise the spirits and vitality and increase the physical strength.

Other long-term services provided by the Cavendish Manor include:

  •  A separate lounge that provides a very relaxing atmosphere.
  • The fireplace lounge is a great place to visit family and friends.
  •  Beautiful pond and pergola to spend a pleasant evening
  •  Particular dining room for the aged to enjoy their meal in peace.
  •  A space for worship and meditation
  •  A space for works of art
  •  Beauty salon
  •  Foot care services

Cavendish Manor Nursing Home has other features that make it an enjoyable environment for you. These features include:

  •  Beautiful park-like grounds
  •  68 Residential living suites
  •  Auxiliary life suites
  •  Dining options
  •  24/7 care
  •  Health programs
  •  Schedule of activities seven days a week
  •  Multiple amenities

Cavendish Manor Retirement Residence offers a varied food menu with delicious choices. However, all nutritional needs are considered, and our cooking team can ensure that your specific dietary needs are met with care. Your guests can also use our varied menu and enjoy a delicious meal with you.

If you are hungry during the day or evening, you can enjoy healthy and delicious snacks from our professional cooking team. Our top priority is to ensure that the food served to residents and guests is consistently flavorful and cooked with only the freshest ingredients.

Cavendish Manor is always providing complete services to its dear residents to increase the quality and sense of satisfaction about your old age. Challenge your mind and soul in sports exercises and works of art and bring back the feeling of youth. You will never feel lonely in this center because we have created a kind and friendly community where you can have fun and also enjoy the benefits of good friends.

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