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The effect of green space on the mood of the elderly

effect of green space on the mood of the elderly

Many seniors describe aging as loneliness and fear it as an unpleasant experience. Evidence shows that loneliness is prevalent among the elderly and affects 22 to 25 percent of the total population over 52. According to experts, today, with the advancement of science and knowledge and the improvement of health, medical, economic, social, and cultural conditions in many countries, the age of life expectancy has increased, and this trend continues.

An issue that is endorsed by all societies is the importance of life quality and the spirit of the elderly as essential stages of life. This issue has caused different communities to try to provide suitable environments for more peace and comfort for the aged. These spaces should be able to meet their physical and mental needs. 

Aging is one of the most sensitive stages of human life, and paying attention to the needs of this period is a social necessity. Therefore, it is vital to design spaces that improve their quality of life and satisfaction.

Green space can indirectly affect human behaviour by reducing air and noise pollution, heat and temperature, and stressors. Also, therapeutic, psychological, and social functions can directly affect the behaviour of individuals. Join Cavendish Manor Retirement Residence to explore the importance and characteristics of green space concerning the elderly.

Features of green space for mental peace and spirit of the retirements

Natural green space is one of the most important factors to consider. These places have properties that make users feel comfortable. These spaces should stimulate all the senses of people. In the following, we will examine these features.

  •  Visual charm

The space should be eye-catching because the first sensation that is aroused in the face of the debate is vision. Colours can have different effects on the soul and psyche of people, and it is essential to use colours that have healing properties in a living space, especially the elderly residences. For example, orange is the colour of joy and excitement, and the person feels calm in dealing with this because internal tensions are released. Blue is full of clarity and decreases anxiety and worry from people.

  •  Air conditioning and pleasantness

Some odours create a special feeling in humans. Researchers have found that sweet essential oils, such as chamomile, create alpha, theta, and delta brainwave patterns that give humans a sense of calm and sleep. The scent of rosemary establishes a state of awareness and alertness. Some other types, such as lavender and geranium, make a balanced state in humans. Therefore, using fragrant plants and healing properties in green spaces can increase the tranquillity and impact of these spaces.

  •  Lovely delicacies

One of the things that can make green spaces more lovable is the presence of fruit trees and edible vegetables. It can even make people and the elderly more comfortable in the room. It is even possible to provide conditions for the retirement to participate in gardening. In addition to keeping them refreshed, it also reduces the risk of depression in the elderly.

  •  Discover new things reminiscent of childhood

We know that life expectancy is significant for the elderly. Because it saves them from monotony and isolation. One of the things that can be very good in raising their hopes is good memories and childhood days. Green places in retirement can strengthen the spirit of construction and self-confidence. It not only increases the self-confidence of the aged but also motivates them to participate in the community. For example, we can ask them to find things like rocks, leaves, and bark and creatively make group crafts with them or decorate the park.

  •  Move the sense of hearing and create relaxation.

Green spaces should be designed to meet the needs of all people of all tastes. As you know, all people are equally active and sometimes face the person who is always alone and sitting quietly in a corner. One of the things that help to calm the mind and spirit of the older adult medical is sound. Spaces can be designed where the sound of water and the birds resonate and where the elderly can spend time in peace.

In addition, other things should be considered by designers, including:

  •  Parks and green spaces should be easily accessible so that people with any ability can use them.
  •  Its input and output must be clear.
  •  The space should feel a little mysterious to create a desire to explore the garden. The designer can make the room more attractive by changing the height.
  •  The designer must know what causes stress in people and create elements that provide calm, self-awareness and escape from a stressful day.
  •  The user must be able to move quickly in the designed space. Also, consider the necessary measures for users with mobility problems.

According to the hypothesis of life-friendliness, there is an inner attraction to other living beings in humans. Some wildlife species need shelter and food. Therefore, planting trees and species attractive to the elderly can invite them into the park and green space. In this way, the retirement feels responsible for the animals in the garden and feels obligated to take care of them, avoiding being alone at home and depressed.


Last word

Old age is the time of dealing with several mental and physical limitations. Proper design of green space can primarily meet their spiritual and psychological needs and attach to the living environment and its surroundings. Perception of nature is one of the influential components of the socialization of space and the environment that allows the perception of nature, both visually and physically, to impact the formation of social interactions significantly. The presence of beautiful nature, such as Niagara Falls, is necessary for a stressful life today. Cavendish Manor Retirement Residence has also provided an environment full of peace and positive mobility for its residents by taking advantage of this beautiful nature.