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Some cases, such as illness, injury and concerns related to daily affairs, affect the life of the elderly.

You may think that the discharge of an elderly from the hospital means that the disease is gone and life is back to normal.

Discharge from the hospital does not mean the end of the disease. Elderly patients require multiple visits to the hospital.

Indeed, hospital discharge represents a high-risk period for the recovering elderly. It is why patients need health care and support.

It is better to pay attention to medical care. This post will introduce you to respiratory and health care in nursing homes, like Cavendish Manor Retirement Residence in Niagara Region.

The care and health services in nursing homes

After the dear elderly is discharged from the hospital, it is necessary to receive medical care. If this care is done well, the patient can return to daily life much sooner.

  1. What is respite care?

A nursing home offers respite care services and short-term programs of two to four weeks through independent and assisted living facilities.

Your retired parent may need respite care for several reasons. For example, they may have recently had a hip or knee replacement. Or maybe they’ve had an illness or fall that led to a hospital visit and may not be ready to go home yet.

Another reason it is better to use respite care services is to check the presence of the elderly in an assisted living environment. You need to know if your lovely parent is ready for this kind of life or not.

  1. What is the importance of respite care after hospital discharge?

A sick or injured elderly does not make a full recovery after being discharged from the hospital.

If seniors are hospitalized for any reason, it often takes weeks or even months to recover fully due to their physical condition. But the elderly and their families think discharge from the hospital means complete recovery. They are not aware of the risks associated with a hospital stay. For example, the patient may experience fatigue and weakness after discharge, which increases the risk of falling and breaking bones. The disease may return, or another incident may occur during recovery. In this case, the aged must be hospitalized again.

Retirees do not like to spend a lot of time in the hospital. The use of respite care offers full support to the dear aged and allows them to spend their recovery period in peace. The absence of stress speeds up the healing process. To eliminate the possibility of the elderly being re-admitted to the hospital, you must provide him with suitable post-discharge conditions.

  1. Benefits of respite care in Cavendish Manor Retirement Residence

We provide respite care and countless benefits for loved ones and their families. This service can be suitable for those who need to rehabilitate an injury or recover after a medical procedure. Benefits of respite care services include:

  • You receive ongoing care

Respite care services are care services that are continuously provided to the elderly who have just been discharged from the hospital. In this service, patients can rehabilitate faster and gain the strength to perform daily activities such as bathing, walking, and dressing. The family can also use this opportunity and prepare the house for the return of their dear parents. For example, you can install grab bars, wheelchair ramps, and other safety measures while your elderly loved one is being cared for.

  • You reduce social isolation

By using the respite care services of the retirement residence, the elderly can stay away from social activities during their recovery. The elderly who do not experience loneliness will have better mental conditions for a full recovery.

A dear patient who has just been discharged from the hospital is not in a good mental condition and, at first, feels nervous about attending gatherings. But over time, he will regain his peace due to being in a happy and suitable atmosphere.

  • You get support and help

Using respite care services, you can provide full support to the recovering elderly and receive more care services than you pay.

It can benefit caregivers caring for loved ones with cognitive impairment or chronic illness. Additionally, it ensures that seniors enjoy a higher quality of life with professional assistance with bathing, meal preparation, and medication reminders.

Caring for an elderly loved one recovering from an illness or injury after being hospitalized can be challenging. Therefore, it is recommended that you choose respite care for ongoing assistance and ensure that you receive the proper care and health support at Cavendish Manor Retirement Residence in Niagara Region.