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If visiting an elderly parent with dementia, don’t forget these five tips

If visiting an elderly parent with dementia, don't forget these five tips.

Is your loved one living in Cavendish Manor Retirement Residence who has dementia? Although it is difficult to meet them, you must spend quality time with them. Behavioural changes that often occur with this disease and reduce their quality of life are managed by different activities.

It is not essential to do these activities correctly. You need to pay attention to their feelings in these activities. They should feel good. One thing to pay attention to is the type of activity. These activities should be suitable for their abilities and mobility and help to strengthen their self-esteem.

Meeting someone in a Niagara Falls nursing home with dementia can be challenging, especially if they are difficult to talk to. Others may also have communication or memory problems.

Therefore, it is better to make your visits more meaningful. You can do activities to reduce and stop dementia while meeting them.

We describe some of these activities below.

Activities you can do when visiting someone with dementia:

When visiting a loved one with dementia at Cavendish Manor Nursing Home, try these activities to make your visit helpful and fulfilling.

  1. Pay attention to non-verbal communication

You should not do the same if your loved one does not respond to your words. You must be fully responsible for them. You can try to talk about topics that interest them, so they enjoy talking to you. You can tell them about their favourite sports team or their grandchildren’s latest adventures.

Seniors try to communicate with you with their facial expressions. Please pay attention to their body language when talking to them. Remember that non-verbal communication is just as important as verbal. So, make eye contact and smile every once in a while.

You should keep the conversation going even if your loved one doesn’t fully respond to your words. Your gestures, eye contact, laughter, and facial expressions go a long way in communicating with them.

  1. Bring your children

Don’t hesitate to bring your children to visit your loved ones at the Cavendish Manor Retirement Residence. Accommodation conditions are perfect for your children. All parents love their grandchildren, even after a diagnosis of dementia, and are likely to remember caring for the children. At such times, their parental instincts may kick in.

When you bring your children with you, they can do activities like crafts and colouring activities with their grandparents. They can eat or walk together. Or they may sit and watch them play. It helps with their mental health while also making visiting easier.

  1. Bring some photos

Bring photos of your loved one with the rest of the family when you meet them. They remember their memories by seeing these photos from a long time ago. As a result, they can remember specific events or names.

If the elderly do not respond to your words, he may enjoy seeing the people around him and be sure that the family members are with him. Additionally, looking at a photo album can provide conversation.

  1. Sing their favourite songs

If you don’t have any special activities for visiting your parents at Cavendish Manor Nursing Home, singing with the elderly with dementia is the most effortless activity. Especially if they have always enjoyed the music, you can even play some of their favourite songs to relive their memories.

Music touches a person’s soul and reminds him of his memories. When you play a person’s favourite music, you can have a better conversation with them. In some cases, residents may even sing the lyrics to their favourite song, even when their communication ability is impaired.

  1. Go outdoor

To establish a better relationship with your dear parents, you can take advantage of the daylight and suitable weather of Cavendish Manor Retirement Residence. Getting some sun and being outdoors brightens the day for these loved ones. It may also help set the mood for the rest of the visit.

If you have chosen senior care services for an elderly loved one with dementia, visit them as regularly as possible. Show them your love well when you see them at Nursing Home. Along with reducing stress in visits, it will bring a more relaxed feeling. When choosing activities to do with them, decide what is appropriate for the resident’s abilities.