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How to be happy in old age? Ways to keep the elderly happy

The elderly, like all other people, need happiness and hope—sometimes, some cultural considerations and perhaps neglect cause the senior to become isolated. Depression is the biggest problem in old age. That brings with it many physical and mental diseases. Happiness is the secret of health in old age, which is possible in simple ways. You may not know how much even a simple walk during the day helps people feel refreshed. The ways to keep the elderly happy are so simple and available that sometimes we ignore them.

Keeping the retiree happy is the duty of all people who have the blessing of living with these loved ones. But the enormous contribution to maintaining the spirits of the elderly will be from the person himself. Do not wait for any miracle; try to raise your spirits from today. You will never feel better until you believe you have the right to live and be happy.

What effect does the lack of happiness have on the lives of the elderly?

To find the easiest ways to keep seniors happy, you should first examine the lack of happiness in old age. As age increases, the probability of contracting some diseases also increases. Physical and mental problems are one of the complications of old age, but all people at any age have the possibility of contracting the disease. It is not that only the aged get sick and the younger ones never need medicine and doctors.

The elderly themselves and the people around them play an essential role in reducing the level of happiness in these people. When you don’t involve grandparents in anything, you gradually isolate them. In such a situation, a person feels empty and fruitless and loses his spirit completely.

The lack of happiness in the life of the elderly has irreparable effects, among which I can mention the following:

  • Despair and depression
  • Suffering from mental illnesses
  • Decreased mobility in old age
  • Reluctance to communicate with others
  • A little talk and complete silence in public
  • Local pain without medical cause
  • Disturbance in body hormones and disharmony in it
  • Insomnia or disruption in the process of sleeping at night
  • Sense of emptiness
  • 5 simple and practical ways to make the elderly happy

Many people are concerned about keeping their seniors happy. This article offers strategies that young people can use to help seniors enjoy the remaining years of their lives. You can use these recommendations to make people over 65 happy. Knowing the needs of old age will help you to understand the solutions to overcome depression, the most common problem of old age.

Talk to the elderly

Older people like to share their knowledge, and it makes them happy if someone listens with interest, asks questions, and shows that their information is helpful.

Some of their favourite topics to discuss include:

  • There were good days when standards were higher, and people were more reasonable;
  • A past life without all the modern conveniences that are available now;
  • The current state of social, political and spiritual affairs
  • Talk about their children and whether they have achieved success or the disappointment they experienced from their children’s failure.
  • Their grandchildren, how dear they are to them, and talking about where they study and their profession.
  • Situations they fought for and won.
  • Telling their life story helps them feel better. It gives them a chance to reminisce about their good times. It makes them happier if the listener promises to come back and listen to their stories again.

Hug the elderly

Many people may be surprised that some seniors are motivated to see a physical therapist, beautician, or massage therapist because they want to be touched.

The elderly who have been separated from their spouses due to death or divorce or have been away from their children and old friends for a long time due to distance feel lonely. As a result, hugs, back massages, holding hands, and other forms of contact become rare for them.

However, affection isn’t the only reason touching them makes them happy. Oxytocin is a hormone that helps relieve tension and has a calming effect. Gentle rubbing of muscles, like a massage, releases oxytocin in the body.

You make seniors happier by hugging them, rubbing their hands and feet, patting their backs, and massaging their shoulders.

Ways to keep the elderly happy

Include the elderly in your activities

People’s sense of belonging does not grow with age. Older people find satisfaction in their connection and participation in groups organized for them. But their sense of belonging is strengthened if they participate in a community not categorized by age.

Refrain from assuming from the beginning that they are not interested in participating in certain events. It is better to invite them and let them not accept. This invitation gives them a good sense of recognition. When you appreciate their presence, they feel more comfortable with themselves and can make suggestions, even as a joke.

Challenge the elderly

Mentally healthy seniors to believe that they live for a purpose. This goal may be to pursue something they ignored in their youth. They may also be motivated to do something they recently thought about. The people they talk to may discover their hidden passions and cheer them on by taking advantage of the opportunity to think and act outside their age limits. 

Some of the challenges that seniors can use include the following:

  • Use their talents in civil organizations as a contribution to society.
  • Set new records in walking, swimming, bowling and other physical activities that help maintain their social and physical health.
  • Start or improve new arts such as painting, drawing, decorating, floristry and woodworking.
  • Learn or improve skills such as computers, the internet, gardening or car mechanics.
  • Expressing confidence in their abilities makes them feel important. They realize they can still make suggestions and enjoy new opportunities that come their way without the youthful embarrassment, fear, and doubt of retirement.

Celebrate the elderly

The elderly often participate in funerals. The brevity of life is essential in their minds, as is celebrating the moments they have had. They welcome opportunities to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, new babies, and other beginnings. But what about celebrating for themselves? At dinner, in a restaurant or at home, a person can appreciate their presence on behalf of the group and celebrate in their honour.

Celebrate and keep them happy anytime, anywhere, for any reason. Appreciate them for their role models, for their lessons, for their help, and their words of encouragement. A show and conversation with their assets at this age, which may be nothing more than photos of memorable moments, is precious to them.

Last word

Cavendish Manor Retirement Residence considers the happiness of the elderly in all its planning and services and tries to create conditions for them to enjoy the golden days of their retirement. The social activities and attitude of the staff of this center make these loved ones smile every day.