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Five benefits of keeping pets for the elderly

benefits of keeping pets for the elderly

We all know the benefits of a pet. Dogs and cats have long been good companions for lonely people. Taking care of them has many benefits for everyone, which I will mention in this article.

  1. Pets help to increase the physical activity of the elderly.

Seniors over 65 should exercise at least 30 minutes a day and 2.5 hours a week. Retirees who own pets walk their pets almost daily, which acts like exercise. 64% of pet owners, precisely 78% of dog owners, say a pet helps them be more physically active. Physical activity improves brain function, increases muscle strength and reduces the risk of diabetes.

  1. Pets help improve physical health.

A pet gives the elderly the opportunity to socialize and exercise more. So, the heart health of the elderly increases. Generally, a pet, especially a dog, is essential in promoting heart health. Owning a pet can also extend life for physically healthy seniors.

  1. Taking care of animals removes stress from the elderly.

Seniors who own pets are less stressed than others in their age group. It may be because these people are involved in the responsibilities of their animals and have a fixed daily schedule. Therefore, no time is left to get involved with other issues and create stress.

  1. Pets make you find more friends and social relationships.

Loneliness can be terrifying for the elderly. 65% of pet owners claimed that their pets helped them connect with other people. Many make friends with other pet owners when they take their pets for daily walks and share their pet care experiences.

  1. Pets make a person feel valued.

Taking care of a pet gives a person a sense of worth. 

Seniors feel helpful when they take care of pets. 

Animals appreciate feelings and return thousand times the love and affection given to them by the elderly. This issue brings hope and satisfaction to them.

Final point

Keeping pets has many benefits, but you should consider all aspects before deciding. It is a tremendous responsibility, especially if you intend to care for the elderly. The elderly who are physically healthy and can do things related to pets can watch animals well. Many disabled seniors have fallen and broken bones while walking their pets. So you have to be very careful. Cavendish Manor Retirement Residence allows dear residents to keep pets so that they can enjoy the advantages of being with these lovely animals.