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Assisted Living in Niagara Falls (Part II)

Assisted Living in Niagara Falls

In a previous article about assisted living in Niagara Falls from the Cavendish Manor blog, I explained some tips to help you get to know this type of senior living community and what kind of services you can get. In the following, I will provide more explanations about this elderly society.


The cost of an assisted living facility and how to pay for it are essential when choosing an assisted living community. Your budget may also determine the room size or whether you can have a private or shared room.

While most nursing home residents are covered by government insurance, assisted living is primarily paid for through personal resources because these government programs already cover long-term care.

Cavendish Manor Retirement Residence is one of the senior living communities that uses government insurance coverage, so you don’t have any problem paying.

Depending on the policy, long-term care insurance may help cover assisted living. But check it carefully and be very clear about what counts as assisted living.

Facilities may change how you pay. It may include an upfront fee, a monthly rental, or a tiered system. For example, if you don’t receive caregiving assistance with at least some activities of daily living, your living situation may not qualify for assisted living for insurance purposes.

Culture, cleanliness and safety

You must see a nursing home or assisted living community up close to understand what life is like in this facility truly. But you can get a better sense if you visit your potential options in person first, not just virtually. For example, Cavendish Manor nursing home has a tour of the center that you can easily register for through the website.

Touring an assisted living community is essential in selecting because families and residents know what to expect. Meeting the staff and seeing firsthand what a loved one will experience will give you a better insight.

These visits may be an excellent opportunity to see what activities are available and whether they suit potential residents. If you or your loved one enjoys crafts, music, social events or sports, ensure these options are available.

During your visit, you can also see the facility’s cleanliness, safety measures, and how residents and staff interact. I recommend making a list of questions before your visit and talking to residents and staff about their experiences and qualifications.

Unforeseen events

Sometimes you need to choose an assisted living facility quickly, such as when you are discharged from the hospital and need a short respite. In this situation, respite care is one of the services you can receive.

“Typically, when you’re a temporary resident, you may still be required to give a 60- or 30-day notice to be charged another month (when you move out). If you’re in a hurry, ensure you understand the lease terms.” Don’t do it.”

Ask, “What would happen if we had to leave the center suddenly?”

Similarly, ask how they handle emergencies.

“What if there’s a fall? What’s the reporting? Do people automatically go to the emergency room?” It is the medical piece: Who makes these decisions?”

How to find assisted living for yourself

So far, you have familiarized yourself with the facilities and features of an assisted living community. In the following, I want to help you to find the right community for you or your dear old parents.

Read reviews of assisted living communities in Niagara Falls and the area. Start by researching the communities I mentioned earlier or that interest you the most. Create a short list of those that you are most interested in and that meet your basic needs.

Why should you choose assisted living?

Most people seek assisted living because they need care with bathing, dressing, or other activities of daily living. In these communities, the basic needs of everyday life are met for you. The Niagara Falls assisted living facilities I mentioned earlier provide excellent care for your needs.

Many communities, like Cavendish Manor, employ trained and dedicated senior caregivers and staff to provide personal, deeply compassionate, and professional care.

Once you’ve found your community and settled in with your peers, you’ll find joy in your new environment. Some are surprised that today’s retirement communities create happy and warm communities where people are very involved with each other.

Retirement communities in the past may have created some negative misconceptions, and some homes today still provide substandard care. But many nursing homes will surprise and delight you with the warmth, care and companionship that often feels more like living year-round at a resort than a “retirement home.”

You have complete security in these communities. Family concerns remain in the past. Living in an assisted living community will eliminate worries about safety and security. Many communities have 24-hour on-site staff, and each alarm room has direct access to teams and security cameras.

Retirement homes are designed for maximum accessibility, significantly reducing the risk of falls and making it easier to get around. Even your traditional home can require climbing stairs. In this situation, you must worry about slipping and falling or dealing with narrow corridors and other obstacles. In retirement, you must move on to something safer, innovative, and modern.

How to evaluate assisted living facilities

Yes, choosing an assisted living facility is difficult. You must select a place that best suits your or your loved one’s needs. In the following, I will specify the steps to check assisted living facilities and select the one that is right for you.

Assess your needs.

What is important to you in an assisted living home? Before choosing a suitable facility, you must know your physical, financial and day-to-day needs. Separate the “must-haves” from the “wants” and prioritize your list of conditions. Once you’ve determined what you’re looking for, you can evaluate the possibilities.

Visit the facilities.

Check the rooms to see if they are clean and decorated to your liking. Make sure you decorate your rooms after you move in. Cavendish Manor Retirement Residence provides you with this facility.

Evaluate safety procedures.

Remember to go outside and check the grounds to see if there is anywhere to walk around. Pay attention to sprinkler systems and fire extinguishers in the environment. Also, note if there are security measures for Alzheimer’s and dementia patients.

Read the fees and contract.

You should know what services are included in the monthly fee. See what additional services you are paying extra for. Take the contract home to review it thoroughly, or have a more knowledgeable attorney check it.

Find out about the number and adequacy of employees.

Do you need to know how many employees there are in the community? The lower the staff-to-patient ratio, the better. Please find out the staff’s qualifications and how long they have been at the facility. It is better to know how this center hires staff. Do they do criminal background checks and reference checks?

Look at medical services.

Some assisted living communities may bring a physician to the facility for resident visits for free. Others may have doctors or other medical personnel on staff. Check if the facility offers these medical services or can provide medications for the elderly. 

In addition, residents in some centers can purchase essential medical supplies (such as insulin) on-site. See what happens if residents’ health deteriorates. Do you know what kind of assessment they do and how?

Check out social activities.

Look at the schedule of upcoming activities to see if they are activities that you or your loved ones would be interested in. Do they have activities for family members to participate in? If religious services are essential, find out if the facility offers services on-site or nearby.

See the staff in action.

Stay during mealtimes or for activities to see how the staff treats the residents. You should stay one night in this center. Some facilities allow prospective residents and their families to stay overnight for facility evaluations.

By following these steps, I promise you will be able to find a suitable assisted living community for yourself or your loved one and enjoy the golden age of retirement to the fullest.