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Fun physical and mental activities for seniors, part one

physical and mental activities for seniors

Old age and retirement are golden years that you should not neglect. Many people think they should be alone and not do any activities during these years.

Even in old age, the formula for happiness is simple; Stay connected with family, friends and community, be happy, and laugh with them as much as you can. Stay away from the tiredness and loneliness of old age and, more importantly, help to reduce the problems that threaten your health.

Cavendish Manor Retirement Residence realizes the importance of various activities for retirees and tries to plan and implement many of these activities for them.

  1. Visiting museums helps you learn

Many cities have excellent art, history and cultural museums. Visit a museum. In this case, you don’t have to wait for a special exhibition to enjoy what they show. Try using museum headsets or joining a tour; challenge yourself to learn more about what they have on display.

Reading the description of each exhibited piece will make you know more about it and make it much more interesting for you!

        2. Taking an art class keeps your mind fresh

Creativity is one of the best ways to keep the brain active. Whether you paint or do photography or pottery, art is fun, challenging and stimulating.

Studies have shown that performing artistic work helps the elderly in reducing anxiety and depression. A creative activity creates a new and thick neural pathway with multiple branches of more muscular nerve cells in your brain and helps your brain adapt, reshape and regenerate.

       3. Participating in social classes makes you feel useful

Politics is not interesting for everyone, but it can be exciting to know about the events of the day and the opportunity to learn about global challenges and situations, ask questions and participate in discussion classes.

        4. Playing mahjong exercises your brain

Mahjong is a Chinese game. This four-player game is social, intellectual and fun. In addition to learning a new game, your mind is also challenged.

        5. Visiting libraries and reading books will fill your time

Whether you’re into women’s literature, thrillers, crime novels, or scholarly literature, reading is fun and great for brain function. It helps to strengthen your memory and make your decision skillfully. It delays Alzheimer’s and reduces your stress.

Go to the library to read, and if you want your reading to become a social activity, you can join book clubs.

        6. Walking keeps you healthy

If staying mobile, independent, and healthy is one of your aging goals, start walking. According to Harvard research, walking has other excellent benefits, such as reducing the effects of weight gain genes, balancing your appetite, reducing joint pain and improving your immune system.

If the summer heat bothers you, go for a walk in shady and tree-filled places, such as the beautiful space of the Cavendish Manor Nursing Home. Go to covered places in winter and cold. Exercising with gym equipment keeps your body strong and flexible.

The exercise you do does not have to be complicated. Choose light activities you enjoy that will help your strength, balance and heart health; whether you work out at home, in class, at the gym, or with a personal trainer, exercise in a way that keeps you interested.

        7. Exercise is good for your fitness

If you don’t like weight training as you age, there are many other options to stay in shape. Many seniors continue to do physically challenging exercises such as mountain climbing, cycling, skiing and tennis until the age of 70. If you’re looking for a sport that puts less strain on your joints, try swimming, golf, or cycling.

        8. Taking a dance class keeps you social and active

Dancing is a fun, collective, physical and mental activity. Recent research has shown that dancing is one of the best activities for improving body strength and balance and delays the signs of brain aging! You will prove this truth if you learn new dances according to a regular schedule and challenge yourself.

        9. Board games challenge your brain

Nothing can pull you out of your boredom like competition. Board games are a great way to challenge the brain as you age while also keeping you entertained and social. The great thing about board games is that you can always find someone who matches your level of play.

For example, you can try chess, backgammon, checkers and other brain and word games.

        10. Garden and enjoy it too

You can reach for some pots you have at home or make your garden. Taking care of a seasonal or annual garden full of flowers and blossoms, a vegetable garden, or even just a few pots can be a suitable activity for the elderly.

There is endless joy in choosing and buying flowers and plants, planting, weeding, fertilizing, pruning, and enjoying your hand-grown fruits. You can feel proud of yourself if you make a salad from your garden.

Put some flowers and plants on your windowsill; pick some fresh flowers and put them on the table, so be energized by seeing their freshness and beauty.

        11. Do a volunteer job to help your community

Because you are not working now, it does not mean that you can no longer serve society. The voluntary job can help expand and increase the relationships of the elderly. In addition to this social participation, it brings good results, happiness, and pleasure from doing good deeds.

No matter how old you are, you can read books to children, guide patients and their families in the hospital in the treatment process, and donate money to the founders of various organizations.

       12. Spending time with children awakens your inner child

Nothing can keep you happy and young more than yourself. Aside from helping your child, caring for your grandchild can be a labour of love.

You can keep your grandson with you on weekends and take him out for breakfast or play in the morning. Spending time with his games and activities or watching him is fun and means the world to them.

to be continued in part two.