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The role of the caregiver in the life

The caregiver’s role in the life-quality of the elderly Many studies have been conducted on the part of geriatric nurses in the general improvement of seniors’ health. Social relations are one of the essential and influential factors in the mental health of the elderly. The role of the senior nurse can be pervasive to help […]

Eyesight health of the elderly

Eyesight health of the elderly

According to the opinion of ophthalmologists, after age 50, the possibility of eyesight problems in the elderly will be higher. If they are overlooked and treated in time, they will cause irreparable problems for the senior’s eye. After reaching 50, periodic eye examinations are of great importance. It is because eye diseases appear with mild […]

medication administration

Cavendish Manor offers medication administration

Aging is not a disease but a stage of life in that every person can become a social asset with a lot of experience. Therefore, to take care of these social capitals scientifically and to prevent the occurrence and severity of symptoms and complications due to old age, we should pay attention to essential points. The retirement population and their social, welfare, and care needs are increasing daily. Special care is one of the needs which we must do correctly. With years of experience in this field, the Cavendish Manor Retirement Residence aims to improve the quality of lifestyle of these loved ones by providing care services in a familiar environment 24/7 intermittently while reducing the worries of families.

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The retirement residence prices in Niagara Falls with the high-quality service

Planning for retirement is one of the essential things that anyone should think about and take steps for during their youth. Retirement followed by old age is a time that everyone will face. Many people are afraid of this period and try to escape from it. Retirement, like other stages of human life, has advantages and disadvantages. To turn this era into a golden one, you must change your attitude and plan for it. Since most people spend most of their lives working, changing their lifestyle after this period will accompany difficulties. Therefore, planning for retirement can be very effective.